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I am a mom of four children. I have been stitching for 21 years. Besides stitching, I love to crochet, read, scrapbook, and most importantly I love to spend time with my children.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Had so much going on!

Wow, I am not doing a good job with keeping up with my blog.  I need to get moving. 

I haven't done much stitching, but I plan to rememdy that tomorrow.  I am going to sit and stitch on Victory Garden and make a movie day out of it.  I hope.  Need to make a dent in my stitching.

Other than that, been trying to get my work from home business up and going.  I have also started selling Tupperware.  I am enjoying it..  I really want this to work.  I want to stay home and work from home so bad.  It has always been a dream.  

Well just wanted to catch up and say I am still here