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Friday, October 28, 2011

Catching up!

Wow it has been awhile!  But I am here!  So I am going to play catch up!

Please know I am pretty good usually at keeping up with my blog.  I don't usually slack this much unless I get busy and life gets to much.  But this time, I was sick in bed with pneumonica.  I was down for a week.  Today I am feeling better, but I am going to rest up today and try not to do to much.  It is the most awful feeling being sick.

As for stitching, I have been stitching, but without my Ott Lite.  Skylar my two year old decided that since he is my stitching assistant that he wanted to bring the lamp down closer, well when he did it fell and the bulb broke.  So.. I am in search of a new bulb.  I just may end up getting a new lamp period.  I think it is time to upgrade to a new one.  But I am trying to stitch as much as I can when I am not sick or running around.  But my Paula Vaughn Victory Garden is looking nice.  I will get a picture up soon.  

I had to get a new laptop, the old one crashed to a point there was no hope.  I am having so many techincal issues.  But I have a new one now with a web cam, and mic.  Now I can chat with everyone on Skype, Oovoo, or on Yahoo messenger.  It is so nice.  

I have also started selling Tupperware, which I thought didn't exist anymore.  I was so excited when I found out that they still existed.  It is just awesome.  

Now I am off to spend time with little man, and do some other things, and maybe just maybe get some stitching done.  I hope so.

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